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Deal Complete – Hunter Pence to the Giants

31 Jul

Official: The Phillies have acquired OF Nate Schierholtz, C Tommy Joseph and RHP Seth Rosin from Giants for OF Hunter Pence.

Here is the official release.

The Phillies have traded right fielder Hunter Pence to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for outfielder Nate Schierholtz, catcher Tommy Joseph and right-hander Seth Rosin, Senior Vice President & General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. announced today.  The Phillies also sent cash considerations to the Giants.

Schierholtz, 28, was hitting .257 with five doubles, five triples, five home runs and 17 RBI in 77 games.  A left-handed hitter, Schierholtz has made 37 starts in right field this year.  As a pinch-hitter this year, he had six hits in 28 at-bats (.214), but for his career owns a .296 (37-125) pinch average with two home runs and 16 RBI.  Selected in the second round by the Giants in the 2003 draft, Schierholtz had spent his entire professional career with the organization and is a career .270 hitter with 23 home runs, 119 RBI and 20 stolen bases in 503 major league games.

Joseph, 21, was hitting .260 with eight home runs and 38 RBI in 80 games for double-A Richmond this season.  Last year, he batted .270 with 22 home runs and 95 RBI in 127 games for single-A San Jose.  Joseph was originally selected in the second round of the 2009 draft out of Horizon High School in Scottsdale, Az.

Rosin, 23, has gone 2-1 with 10 saves and a 4.31 ERA in 34 games (five starts) for single-A San Jose this season. In his 56.1 innings pitched, the 6-foot-6, 250-pound right-hander has 68 strikeouts (10.86 SO/9.0 IP). Rosin was a fourth-round selection of the Giants in the 2010 draft out of the University of Minnesota.

Pence, 29, was acquired by the Phillies on July 29 of last season from the Houston Astros.  In 155 games for the Phillies since his acquisition, he batted .289 with 27 doubles, 28 home runs and 94 RBI.  This season, Pence was hitting .271 with 17 home runs and 59 RBI in 101 games.  He was leading the Phillies in runs (59), hits (108), home runs, RBI, walks (37) and total bases (178) and was tied for the lead in games.


I’m not as big on this deal as a I am with the Victorino deal.  Tommy Joseph looks like a great catcher, but the Phillies also have Sebastian Valle in Reading.  Nate Schierholtz almost seems like a throw-in.

Update: 2:04 PM EST The Phillies will also acquire Single-A RHP Seth Rosin for Hunter Pence.  The final deal should be announced shortly.  Leslie Gudel of ComcastSportsnet Philadelphia says that Hunter Pence just left the Phillies clubhouse, and he said he was “Surprised.”  Pence also said “We had a great run.  Now I’ve been sent off.” 

Update 1:51 PM EST Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Cronicle is reporting that Nate Schierholtz has been told he’s “Going to Philadelphia.”   It sounds like a mult-level/player deal is almost in place. 

Update 1:18 PM EST The deal is not yet finalized, as physicals and a few other details need to be sorted out.  Still sounds like Pence is headed West, but for who, we’re unsure. 

Update 12:50 PM EST Todd Zolecki of MLB.com is speculating that Nate Schierholtz might be part of the deal for Pence.  Schierholtz has been looking for a change of scenery. 

Update 12:35 PM EST Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com is reporting that one of the players the Phillies have aquired is Tommy Joeseph. Tommy is catcher and first baseman.   The rest of the details are not yet ironed out, but Hunter is headed to SF. 

It’s also being reported by Jayson Stark that the Phillies will NOT aquire Gary Brown, Brandon Belt, or Kyle Crick. 

I loved the heart that Hunter Pence brought to Philadelphia, but it just didn’t work out.

Hunter Pence is headed to San Francisco.

Pence, 29, is hitting .271/.336/.447 in 440 plate appearances for the Phillies this year.

I’m pretty curious what they’re going to do on Hunter Pence Bobblehead night in a few weeks.

If Tommy Joeseph is included, the Phillies have gotten a good catching prospect who could eventually replace Chooch. The Phillies gave up some good players to get Pence last year from the Astros, so you know that Ruben Amaro Jr. is pushing hard for a good return on him today.

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Downward Spiral Continues

29 Jul

With their second straight loss to the Braves yesterday the Phillies have almost certainly sealed the fate of some of their teammates. They have had their chances, but yesterday’s game was filled with poor at-bats, and uninspired play from a team that needs to be giving it their all.

The Phillies only mustered up 4 hits, and are now 0-10 with runners in scoring position in this series.  They also committed two more errors in the field.

The Phillies are 11 1/2 games back from the second Wildcard spot.  No, not the Division, the Wildcard.

Yesterday’s pitching performance bodes well for Joe Blanton.  As you probably remember the Phillies acquired Joe from the A’s in 2008 and he was instrumental in their championship run.  He would certainly help solidify a contenders starting rotation, and in his last three starts has proven to be as durable and reliable as ever.  Joe allowed just four hits and two runs over seven innings. He walked just one and struck out seven.

At this point I’m starting to think that Blanton, Victorino, and possibly Juan Pierre are as good as gone. With the amount of speculation surrounding these three, and how poorly the Phillies have played this weekend, it’s almost a forgone conclusion.

What else should Ruben Amaro Jr. do?  It would be irresponsible of him to let the opportunity to trade and try to re-tool this team pass him by.  The current Phillies have done little to tell him that he should keep them together.

There are three days left until the deadline… Such a shame.

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Joey B Makes it Three

17 Jul

Wins-in-a-row that is.

Its the first time they’ve done that since May 26th.

The Phillies got a great great pitching performance from Joe Blanton on Monday night against the Dodgers.  Blanton went 8 innings, surrendering two runs, on eight hits with zero walks.  Not allowing a walk is huge for a starter like Joe that pitches to contact like Joe, but what might be an even bigger statistical accomplishment for Joe tonight was that he didn’t allow a home run.  Blanton has allowed a homer in each outing he’s had dating all the way back to May 8th.

Joe threw 110 pitches, 80 for strikes.

Blanton finished his in style retiring Jerry Hairston, Mark Ellis, and Matt Kemp in order.

Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard both homerd in the win.  For Howard it was his first home run of 2012. Shane Victorino went 3-4 with a triple.  It was his third triple in as many days.

Maybe all this trade talk is making a difference.

You never know what the Phillies may do. They’re starting to gel a little bit, but they’re still making those periodic bone-headed errors.  The Nationals lost tonight, and the Phillies are playing a team that’s just not all together there right now.  The errors that the Dodgers committed in the game were pretty bad.

Roy Halladay makes his long awaited return to the mound on Tuesday.  No starter has been announced for the Dodgers.

Boy these late games are annoying… Especially when you have to listen to Chris Wheeler.

They’re much better after a win like this.

Sleep tight.

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Victorino: “I Want to Be Here.”

28 Feb

Photo: Getty Images

There has been little talk about Shane Victorino‘s contract status with all of the hype surrounding Cole Hamels’ impending free agency, but not a whole lot has been said about what’s going to happen with Victorino.

Just thought that you might like to see an exerpt from Jayson Stark’s latest piece on ESPN.com that contains a tibit on Shane…

Cole Hamels isn’t the only household name in Philadelphia who’s a year away from free agency. Let’s not forget Shane Victorino. According to FanGraphs, only one center fielder in the National League was worth more wins above replacement than Victorino (5.9) last season: Matt Kemp (8.7).

So Victorino could find a healthy market next offseason if he makes it to free agency. But will he? After arriving in camp last week, he told MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki: “I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

I envisioned his agents, Seth and Sam Levinson, heading straight for the emergency room the second they read that quote. So I asked Victorino if he meant that quote the way it sounded. Was it so important to him to remain a Phillie that he’d stay at just about any price?

“What that statement was saying,” he said, “was that I’m willing to give up free agency. A lot of guys won’t. In the game of baseball, free agency is what every major league player dreams of. You want to maximize your value, and of course I do, too. But what’s important to me is, I want to be here. I love playing here. My family loves the city. I love the city. So when I made that statement, that’s what I meant.”

Has an impending free agent ever let a club know he’d take a hometown discount more clearly than that? Next thing you know, he’ll rent a billboard.

Ok… Wow. I’m sure people are going to start talking about this one today.

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No Suspensions For the Giants?

9 Aug

Major League Baseball handed down their ruling in reguard to the little scuffle last Friday in San Francisco.  The Giants escaped with no more then a few fines, while Shane Victorino recieved a three game suspension.

Major League Baseball claims that “Victorino’s aggressive actions prolonged the bench-clearing incident between the Clubs.”

Apparently they felt that the Giants who hit Victorino on purpose had nothing to do with the incident?

I think that the luckiest player of them all was Ramon Ramirez.  So this guy is having a bad day and decides to hit a player on purpose, and there is no repercussion? Was he not the instigator here?  Would this have even happened if Ramirez had kept his cool and actually pitched to Shane?  No.

MLB got this one wrong.

I’m not saying that Shane didn’t get what was coming to him, but he surely was not the only one that deserved to be suspended.

Undisclosed fines have been issued to Placido Polanco, Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez and Giants catcher Eli Whiteside for their roles in the incident.

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Shane Might Return Tuesday

16 Jul

Shane Victorino is all set to begin his rehab assignment for the Reading Phillies tonight in Trenton.

Victorino has been out since July 8 with a sprained right thumb ligament, and is eligible to come off the DL on Tuesday.  Victorino is set to DH on Saturday night, and is expected to play in the outfield on Sunday.

Scott Proefrock said that the Phillies will evaluate Shane after that and decide where to go from there.

Shane has had a great season so far, and was arguably the Phillies best position player of the first half.

Victorino is batting .303 with 34 RBI and 9 HR.

Side Note - 

Shane will join Brad Lidge who is making another appearance with the R-Phils tonight.  Lidge is making his first back-to-back appearance of the season after a rough outing last night where he hit two batters and threw three wild pitches.

Your Phillies All-Stars

12 Jul

Gotta love this picture of your Phillies All-Stars (minus Polanco).

As you all know now Roy Halladay is starting tonight for the National League against the Angels Jered Weaver.

I have to say that I’m kinda shocked that Bruce Bochy picked Halladay after the Phillies made all those statements saying that they would prefer that he didn’t pitch.  You would have figured that Bochy would have opted for Jiar Jurrjens with his 12-3 record, and a1.87ERA but he stuck with Halladay.

“I couldn’t have a better guy to start the All-Star Game for us,” Bochy said.  “You talk about the elite pitchers in the game an you look at his numbers this year, it’s obvious he’s deserving.”

I hope Tim Lincecum reads between the lines on that one.

“Doc is one of the best pitchers of our generation, and you’ve got to have a lot of confidence in him,” said Cole Hamels. “I get to see him every five days. A lot of people don’t. With the work ethic that he has, he puts a lot of confidence in the team. So to have him start, he’s going to do what he does best, and I think that’s going to put us in a really good position to win. Because this game means something, you want that.”

Hamels may just be the first person I have seen say that the game means something.

Cole Hamels will get to just sit back and watch as he pitched on Sunday and is therefore ineligible to play in the game.  No argument here.  Hamels is having a fantastic season, and is arguably the Phillies best pitcher, if not the best pitcher in the National League.

Enjoy the game tonight!

Errors Cost Phils in Florida Finale

7 Jul

Things looked good with a 4-0 lead early in the game but a collection of mishaps cost the Phillies dearly in a 7-6 loss to the Florida Marlins.

The Phillies, who before tonight were the best defensive team in the league, committed three errors in Wednesday’s game. The series sweep continues to elude the Phillies who have now won 5 straight series.

Kyle Kendrick’s shortened outing didn’t help much either. Kendrick went 5 innings, but only allowed one earned run. You can’t expect miracles from Kyle, but with a start like this one and the Phillies beleaguered bullpen you could smell a walk off win coming for the Marlins.

Before tonight the Phillies were 21-0 in games where they scored more then 6 runs.

After the game Domonic Brown did one of the most respectful things he’s done since he came up to the bigs, he admitted a mistake. It was really hard to tell from all the angles that the tv networks showed, but Domonic said that he never touched second base in the 6th inning on his way to third legging out a would be triple. It was the reason he didn’t argue after the umpires called him out.

“Right there it cost us the game.”

It was probably a little more then that, but it sure shows a lot of maturity from the rookie right fielder.

It’s a shame that a big night from John Mayberry has to be overlooked. Mayberry hit two big time home runs for the Phillies in the second, and sixth innings.

Cole Gets His 10th – Offense Explodes

6 Jul

After a few tries Cole Hamels finally has his 10th win…  Not that it was his fault it took so long.

Hamels went eight strong innings, only surrendering a 2-run homer to John Buck in the 4th.  It was good to finally see some offensive support for Hamels.  Let’s just hope they saved some for later.

“Getting that many runs is nice, but sometimes it breaks up your rhythm. It felt like the game was in slow motion,” said Hamels.  “In between innings it was really long, but selfishly from a pitching standpoint you want to get a good rhythm going and shut them down as soon as possible.”

It was a great night for the offense, too.  The Phillies scored 14 runs on 18 hits including home runs from Ryan Howard, and Raul Ibanez.  Howard and Jimmy Rollins both had 4-hit nights.

It wasn’t pretty for the Marlins and their starter Chris Volstad.  The Phillies have touched up Volstad in the past, and Tuesday was the same story.  Going into the game Ryan Howard was 12-25, with 7 homers against Volstad, and he added to that with another 2-run homer.

The Marlins were basically in the toilet when the Phillies saw them back in June, but they have been playing better baseball as of late, including their 1-0 loss to the Phils on Monday.

The Phils had a six run lead going into the 9th inning, but then tacked on six more, including a 2-run homer for Raul Ibanez.

Side Notes - 

Michael Martinez – Martinez showed off his glove making a great catch in center field while filling in for Shane Victorino.  He also hit a bases loaded triple.

Ryan Howard – Ryan is having a great season so far this year. He had 4 hits and 4 RBI on Tuesday.   His power numbers are down, but he’s driving in tons of runs.  Ryan is on pace for his fifth season with 130 RBIs. Only three MLB players have ever had five 130-RBI seasons: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx.

Where are the Hits?

26 Jun

Two runs in two games isn’t getting it done.

This picture of Charlie Manuel from the other night in St. Louis says it all.

The Phillies escaped with one run walk-off win on Friday, but one run on Saturday wasn’t enough to get a win for Cole Hamels.  Cole didn’t have his best game, but he surely pitched well enough that he should have won.

Why this team thrives together, and slumps together is really a curious thing.

There were a few momentary brain cramps for the Phillies, too.  Shane Victorino lazily threw a ball back into the infield in the fourth inning, and Coco Crisp took advantage and advanced from second to third.  He scored the go ahead run moments later, but might have been thrown out at the plate if he had been held at second by Victorino.

Domonic Brown heard it from the crowd,he heard it from the announcers, and eventually heard it from Charlie Manuel after he failed to hustle out of the box in the 5th.  The ball he hit was bobbled by Jemile Weeks, so Brown could have gotten to first safely had he been running hard out of the box.

We keep talking about how the Phillies are in first place, and we don’t need to panic, but I think we’re past that point.  The Phillies should have a commanding lead in the N.L. East, more then the 4 games they currently hold over the Braves.  The A’s have great pitching, but we, do too.  Our offense needs to find ways to scratch out wins when the long ball isn’t around.  Remember when this lineup was feared?  Do they?

It was about this point last season when Milt Thompson got the can.  How do you think Greg Gross is feeling?  I can imagine not too comfortable.

Roy Halladay is looking for his 10th win on Sunday.  Here’s hoping that the bats make it easy for him to do his thing.


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