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Melky Suspension May Disrupt Phillies

15 Aug

Like it or not, the suspension of Melky Cabrera is going to have an impact on the Phillies offseason plans.

Cabrera was suspended for 50 games for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy, as he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. Cabrera had denied reports of the test for a number of weeks after rumors swirled of the test around the time of the All-Star game.

Cabrera was the All-Star Game MVP, and was leading the league in runs, and hits.

The Phillies toyed with the idea of trying to trade for Melky last season before making their move for Hunter Pence, and given their need for a center fielder next season, would likely have considered trying to sign him as a free agent this fall.

They still could.

For Cabrera it was a mistake that will cost him millions, as he was likely in line to entertain offers above $75MM for his services going forward.  He was going to be one of the three most sought after outfielders this fall with Michael Bourn, and Shane Victorino. All along I was kinda hoping that Bourn would be our number one target, but with this suspension to Cabrera it may actually increase Bourn’s price.

With Bourn’s price already looking to be sky high, and Melky’s suspension makes the market for a premiere outfielder a little bit thinner.  At the same time it’s possible that a team might get a huge discount if a team decides to grab Cabrera in free agency, but of course there is plenty of risk there, since you really don’t know what you’re going to get.

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Freddy Galvis Suspended 50 Games

20 Jun

Getty Images

If there wasn’t enough doom and gloom around the 2012 season for the Phils… Now we have this.

Freddy Galvis, the “Feel good story of the 2012 season,” has been suspended by Major League Baseball for 50 games for using a banned substance.

The Phillies issued the following statement in response to Major League Baseball’s suspension of Freddy Galvis:

The Phillies continue to believe in and endorse Major League Baseball’s drug policy.  We also support Freddy Galvis in his determination to put this matter behind him and we look forward to his return as a productive member of the Phillies as soon as possible.

Galvis issued his own statement:

A trace amount of a banned substance – 80 parts in a trillion – was detected in my urine sample. I am extremely disappointed in what has transpired. I cannot understand how even this tiny particle of a banned substance got into my body.  I have not and never would knowingly use anything illegal to enhance my performance.  I have always tried to follow the team’s strength and conditioning methods, listen to the trainers, work out hard and eat right.  Unfortunately, the rules are the rules and I will be suspended.

“I’d like to apologize to my all my fans, especially here in Philadelphia and back home in Venezuela, to my teammates and to the Phillies organization. I am looking forward to putting this behind me, rehabilitating my back and returning to the Phillies as soon as possible to try to help them win another World Series.”

You have to wonder why, and how it is that players keep ending up with stuff that is banned from use.  Wouldn’t it be as simple as having their suppliments listed by, and purchased by the trainers themselves?  With all the crazy stuff they sell at GNC and the like, you’d have to be crazy at this point to try and figure it out yourself.

Freddy’s suspension will be played out while he’s on the disabled list with a pars fracture to his spine, which is a loophole that was addressed in the new CBA that starts next season, so in a way, it’s not going to disrupt his season.  Just his image.

If you’re wondering if the Phillies and Freddy Galvis plan to appeal, well, they did.

Unlike most other sports, Major League Baseball does a pretty good job of keeping their business on the hush.  It’s likely that this positive test arrived weeks, and possibly even up to a month ago.  Nobody wins an appeal with MLB when it comes to PEDs… Unless you’re Ryan Braun.

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Catching Up

8 May

I’m really becoming torn with this team.  Are we coming out of the fog, or do we still stink?  It’s so hard to tell.  We have a game like Sunday night where we end up running over the  first place Nationals, and then come Monday where we return to our battle to drive in runners in scoring position.  All I can say about that is, Poor Roy.

The Phillies had a strange weekend in D.C. where they really won two games, but only came away with one, thanks to Joe West and his upset tummy.  I’m sorry, but Major League Baseball needs to have some alternates available at a moments notice, because three obviously can’t get it done.  However, there is nothing we can do about that but forget it, and move on.

Then we have this whole hullabaloo with Cole Hamels hitting Bryce Harper in the back.   I’m a huge fan of Hamels, but how are you dumb enough to go and say that you did it on purpose?  Avoid the question, or lie.  Just keep it to yourself.  As for Mike Rizzo, and all the stuff he said about Hamels, whatever… Let the players work it out on the field.  Nobody cares what the GM thinks.  Surprisingly this is the topic to which I have the least to say.  I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as people say.  If anything Hamels helped the Nats efforts to sell some more tickets, and create a rivalry.  I can’t wait for the next series with the Nats (May 21-23).  Mark your calendar, because this rivalry is just getting started.

I don’t know who the fans were that taunted Jayson Werth when he broke his wrist, but thanks for being so classless.  Let other cities hate us because our team is good, we don’t need them to hate us because we cheer for a guy getting injured.  Especially one that helped our city win its first championship in 28 years.  I don’t get how some people can be so stupid.  It’s totally cool to go and cheer your team in someone else’s house, but have some respect for the other people there, and the team.  I couldn’t believe how some of the people around me were acting.  Yes, I’m talking about you, Guy sitting next to me, who was throwing his trash in the flower boxes in left field.  You and your drunk friend that had to go to the bathroom every half inning are the reason that people thing Philly fans are jerks.  Nobody appreciated you, and your foul mouths.  Especially the guy with his kids sitting right next to you.  This was the first time that I think that I was actually embarrassed to be a Phillies fan.  It made me really sad.  I thought all the Nationals fans I encountered were really great, and I had a fun time, despite the loss.


I’m not writing as much these days because things in life are hectic, and I’m trying to enjoy some time being a fan (although the Phils are making it tough).  Not to mention that I’m spending a lot more time at the park, and I’ve gone on the road with the team twice already which is fun, but tiresome.  Thanks as always for checking in, and continuing to read my blog.  I’ll be trying harder over the next week or so to get back in gear.

Tomorrow let’s get back to talking about actual games, and hopefully a “W.”   Enough with the antics.

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