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Phillies Tidbits

5 Aug
  • Cliff Lee will remain a Phillie for the remainder of 2012, as the window on the Dodgers’ waiver claim closed today. Lee coughed up three home runs in a no-decision against the Diamondbacks this afternoon.  Lee looked great at times, but continues to attack
  • Kyle Kendrick will start on Wednesday against the Braves.  Kendrick stepped in as a spot starter on Friday when Dodgers acquired Joe Blanton just before game time. Kendrick will be making his 15th start of the season which earns him a $100,000 bonus.
  • Jimmy Rollins got Sunday off after going hitless in his last three games.  Rollins was batting .187 in his last 22 games.  Rollins came on to pinch hit for Michael Martinez in the 8th, and finished the game. He popped out in his lone at-bat.
  • The Phillies announced that they have released infielder Mike Fontenot.  The Phils designated Fontenot for assignment on August 1.  Mike was released to make room on the roster when the Phillies acquired Josh Lindblom and Nate Schierholtz. Fontenot, 32, hit .289/.343/.340 in 105 plate appearances this year for the Phillies.  The veteran signed a minor league deal with the Phillies in April and split time between second and third base in 2012.
  • Shane Victorino is batting .167 (2-12) with 1 run scored and 1 stolen base in three games with the Dodgers.
  • Hunter Pence is batting .118 (2-17) with zero runs, 2 RBI and 3K’s in four games with the Giants.
  • The Phillies observed a moment of silence for Garrett Reid before Sunday’s game. The 29-year-old son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid was found dead in his room at the Eagles training camp at Lehigh University on Sunday morning. Local police said there were no “suspicious” activity and no cause of death has been determined.

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O you Bastard

7 Jul

Antonio Bastardo did a pretty nice job blowing up Kyle Kendrick’s great pitching performance, and the return of Ryan Howard.

However, you have to question why he was even out there.

Charlie Manual must have gotten some false sense of security from Bastardo’s performance the night before in New York.  I get the lefty vs. lefty thing, but in this case Charlie just out-managed himself.  With a bullpen as bad as the one that we have, sometimes you have to ride a hot hand, and when your pitcher is at 89 pitches, and he’s pitching a shutout… You let him go.

Kyle Kendrick had thrown 7 great innings, possibly the best 7 innings of his career. He threw seven shutout innings, allowed four hits, one walk and struck out five. Kendrick was yanked for Bastardo after 89 pitches with the game knotted at nil.

“My fastball is my best weapon,” Bastardo said, post-game. “I’m not commanding it.”

One would have seen that if he had been watching Bastardo’s warm-up.  He was all over the place.

Bastardo faced seven batters and gave up five singles, three walks and a big homer.  This just one night after Jonathan Papelbon was rocked by the Mets.

Though the offense never scored, this game was lost by Charlie Manual and the bullpen.

Welcome back Ryan Howard, in case you missed it, we stink.  The Phillies are 1-8 since Chase Utley’s return. They’re 0-1 with Ryan Howard

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Finally… The Phillies Look Like The Phillies

17 May

Hector Luna in the dugout after hitting a Grand Slam in the Phillies 9-2 win in Chicago on Wednesday.

The Phillies are starting to look more like the Phillies we remember from the last few years.

After a walk-off win on Tuesday, the Phillies looked more motivated.  I honestly think that they haven’t really been challenged in the last few years, and this is something that they have never really faced before, and I like their chances.

However, there is still plenty of work to be done.  The Phillies are still having trouble with runners in scoring position, ranking towards the bottom of the Majors, and are 2nd to last in the league in BB.  But it’s getting better.

You have to love the contributions that are coming in from the guys on the bench like Ty Wigginton, and Hector Luna.  (See above)  Also, the debut of Jake Diekman yesterday was awesome to see in person.  It won’t be long before Jake is a household name.

Wednesday’s bullpen performance was pretty good to see, too.

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Kendrick Gets A Well Deserved Extension

20 Feb
Phils/Kendrick sign two-year, $7.5 million pact


Yeah, I know this is yesterday’s news, but I guess I just wanted to touch on it for a second.

I don’t get why people are so down on this extension for Kyle Kendrick.  Kyle’s versatility really has been pretty invaluable to the Phillies over the last two seasons.  Last season Kendrick went 8-6 with a 3.22 ERA in 34 games, 15 of which were starts.  His versatility makes him well worth the investment.  He’s not Roy Halladay, and he’s not Cliff Lee, but he’s a pretty solid number 5 and long-man.  He can fill just about any pitching role that’s needed on any night.

Kyle has really come a long way as a pitcher.  Ever since the Phillies acquired Roy Halladay, Kyle has done his best to emulate Roy, and learn from him.  He’s added more pitches to his repertoire after being criticized for being a one-pitch pitcher, and not only that he changed his workouts and methods of preparation that have made him stronger.

Not every pitcher on our staff is going to be a $20 Million superstar.  This contract is totally in line with what he brings to the table.  He was going to be eligible for arbitration next season as well, and this was a smart move to keep him happy, and it may actually save the club some money in the long run.  All I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be down on Kyle Kendrick when you consider what he brings to the table.

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Oswalt Expects to Return

16 Jul

He’s been on the disabled list twice already this season with a sore back, but Roy Oswalt is confident he’s going to make a return to the rotation, and soon.

“I’ve thrown twice, pretty well, on flat ground. I’m hoping maybe to get on the mound in Chicago,” said Oswalt. “I know I don’t have the pain I had, which is great.  Once I get the strength back in my left leg, I’m good to go. The last time I came back a little too early and never really got my strength back. I tried to pitch through it.

Oswalt has had two injections since his placement on the disabled list.  Something that he originally said he didn’t want to do.

Oswalt offered more that leads us to believe he’s feeling confident.

“I feel like I could throw two or three innings, but I’ve got to get back to feeling I can throw 100 pitches. I’ll have to have two rehab starts to see where I am. I think it might take a few starts, but I should bounce back pretty well.

Having a healthy Oswalt will mean very big things for the Phillies who relied on him heavily down the stretch in 2010.  It would mean that Kendrick could go back into the bullpen as the Phillies long man, which is a place that the Phillies appear to be lacking confidence.

D-Brown and Kendrick Fry the Fish

5 Aug


Kyle Kendrick has been a different pitcher since he’s returned from his short demotion to Triple A Lehigh Valley.  With just 4 earned runs in his past 3 starts, Kyle has really regained ownership of his spot in the rotation. Kendrick has kept his walks to a minimum and his pitches have been down (he’s a sinker-ball pitcher, which means he keeps his pitches low to induce ground ball outs).

Others have been upping their game as well.  Jimmy Rollins made a spectacular catch that saved two runs and possibly the game in the bottom of the 5th, and Raul Ibanez upped his hitting streak to 12 going 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored a walk, and 2 RBI. Raul is now batting .269 which is pretty remarkable considering how just a month ago he was at .241.  Charlie Manuel needs to be commended for moving Ibanez up into the third spot.  Getting Raul in front of Ryan Howard was going to increase the likeliness that he would see more fast balls, and gets him an extra at-bat each game.

aug41.jpgThe other star of this game was Domonic Brown, who has been living up to his expectations so far.  Domonic went 1 for 4 with 3 RBI (Single and a sac fly), but my favorite play of the night was an outfield assist.  The ball he got was hit pretty shallow but his throw to Chooch was dead on and got in there really quickly.  It was a tremendous throw. Browns glove and bat will likely be on display for the rest of the season as Triple A Lehigh Valley ends their season very soon and September call ups are right around the corner.

Ryan Madson pitched a sketchy but scoreless 8th and Lidge came out for the 9th.  It wasn’t a save situation but Lidge recorded a 1,2,3 inning with little struggle. 

Side Notes –

A-rod – You’re a joke.  You probably hit a bunch of them naturally, but we know a bunch weren’t.  When you pass Griffey Jr.  I’ll probably be more upset since he is the only player of my era that’s the real deal.

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Phillies Rumor Mill Vol 1.

21 Jul


The Phillies appear to be stuck in a situation now where they may not be able to make the kind of move they would like.  The Phillies are very interested in Astro’s Roy Oswalt and Diamondback’s hurler Dan Haren.  There are a few issues that will make this pretty difficult for them.

Jamie Moyer is likely headed to the disabled list and Kyle Kendrick is also out of their rotation.  Teams are aware that the Phillies are desperate for pitching and they are not as easily going to give into Ruben Amaro’s demands.

Ruben’s ace in-the-hole was Jayson Werth, who despite his struggles has drawn interest.  Jayson is owed only $2.8 million for the rest of the season, so he is pretty attractive. The list of teams interested in Werth is long.  The Rays have the most well known interest in Jayson, but the White Sox, Red Sox, Giants, Padres and Angels also have some interest in him, too.  The Phillies were apparently trying to work on a deal to send Werth to Tampa for some prospects that they were going to flip to Houston. Rumor has it that since Oswalt has a no-trade clause, he would probably want his $16 million
contract option for 2012 picked up if he were to accept a deal.  That would make it pretty expensive for the Phillies, and if they were interested they would need to expand their budget.Dan Haren-thumb-400x251.jpg  Oswalt claimed to have no knowledge of any trades or talks between Houston  and Philadelphia.  Yeah, that’s a load of crap. Similarly Haren is owed about $8 million still this year and $12.5 in 2011, and 2012.  He has an option for 2013 at $15 million but could be bought out at $3.5.  The Phillies have let it be known that they would be ready and willing to open their wallet back up to the right guy if they can control his future for a while, but first they need to wrangle him. 

I know everyone is crying for Domonic Brown, and I’m with you. Ruben keeps saying that Domonic needs more at bats to get up to the bigs, but he can’t possibly struggle any worse then Jayson Werth has.  I feel for Werth, I really do but we need to think long term and he’s just so expensive.  I’m very thankful for what he has done here for us in Philly, but we have a guy in the wings that we have been grooming for years that looks to have some real promise. Jayson continues to struggle and these rumors can’t be helping as he waits to see if he’s going to be a Phillie for the rest of the season.  

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Everyone’s Talking About Swagger

24 Jun






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There is no doubt about it; this ball club needed Jimmy
.  There is no denying that they
have been struggling.  Heads have been
hanging and smiles have been far and few. 
Last night was the finale of “The Funk” … It’s over.

On Tuesday night after going 0-4 Jimmy told Comcast
SportsNet “My job is to make the guys believe again. Believe in how good they
are.  Believe in their talent.  Remember, you’re gonna to make outs.”  He went on to say “You gotta take advantage of
the opportunities, if it’s the game winning hit; it’s the best hit of the day.”  Wednesday he followed that up going 1-5 but
it was that 5th at bat that mattered.  In the bottom of the ninth Jimmy took Kerry
Wood deep with one on for his first ever walk off homer. 

After seeing the Angels this season walk offs are a little
more subdued.

Getting Jimmy back with the club has been a long time
coming.  His second stint on the DL was
just about a month.  It was a painfully
long month that saw the Phillies go 12-17. 
What Jimmy brings to the table is his attitude.  It’s the “Swagger” that everyone has been
talking about and that we’ve been missing so dearly.  Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Jayson Werth
are offensively our strongest players, but as far as club house leaders they’re
all rather reserved.  Jimmy is the spark
that lights the fire here in Philadelphia and we have to be glad he’s back.

Kyle Kendrick wasn’t able to follow up his previous strong
performances from this past week.  Kyle’s
forgettable start only lasted through 4+ innings.   His sinker wasn’t really there and it cost
him.  Twice to Shin-Soo Choo hit a pair
of homers off Kyle.   “My command
wasn’t good,” Kendrick said. “I fell behind hitters. I left the ball
up and got hit hard. I didn’t do my job tonight.”  Luckily for Kyle, Jimmy Rollins came up in
the ninth and erased any and all of the memories of the previous 8

In the bottom of the eighth Chad Durbin strained his
hamstring while fielding an elusive ground ball.  Early reports were that the injury was fairly
serious, but the severity of his injury was lessened but will still require
Chad to be placed on the DL.  Nelson
Figeroa will be recalled to replace Chad.  Durbin has been the Phillies most active
bullpen pitcher and one of the most reliable, too.  Here’s hoping that you’re back soon Chad.

Side Notes –

Jimmy – Jimmy is out of the line up today just to get a little
rest.  Charlie wants to ease him back in
and since they played a night game last night a day game is a perfect opportunity.

Happ – At AA Reading, Happ allowed seven hits, three runs
and one home run — a three-run shot in the fourth inning — and struck out
four in five innings in his fourth rehab start.

Madson – Madson is scheduled to throw a bullpen session on
Thursday at Citizens Bank Park before he departs for Clearwater. Madson said on
Tuesday that he’s hopeful to rejoin the bullpen before the All-Star break.

Dobbs – Dobbs will report to AAA Lehigh Valley
tomorrow.  Charlie Manuel suspects it
will take Greg approximately 100 at bats to get his swing straightened out.


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