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O you Bastard

7 Jul

Antonio Bastardo did a pretty nice job blowing up Kyle Kendrick’s great pitching performance, and the return of Ryan Howard.

However, you have to question why he was even out there.

Charlie Manual must have gotten some false sense of security from Bastardo’s performance the night before in New York.  I get the lefty vs. lefty thing, but in this case Charlie just out-managed himself.  With a bullpen as bad as the one that we have, sometimes you have to ride a hot hand, and when your pitcher is at 89 pitches, and he’s pitching a shutout… You let him go.

Kyle Kendrick had thrown 7 great innings, possibly the best 7 innings of his career. He threw seven shutout innings, allowed four hits, one walk and struck out five. Kendrick was yanked for Bastardo after 89 pitches with the game knotted at nil.

“My fastball is my best weapon,” Bastardo said, post-game. “I’m not commanding it.”

One would have seen that if he had been watching Bastardo’s warm-up.  He was all over the place.

Bastardo faced seven batters and gave up five singles, three walks and a big homer.  This just one night after Jonathan Papelbon was rocked by the Mets.

Though the offense never scored, this game was lost by Charlie Manual and the bullpen.

Welcome back Ryan Howard, in case you missed it, we stink.  The Phillies are 1-8 since Chase Utley’s return. They’re 0-1 with Ryan Howard

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Chooch Needs Your Support! Keep Voting!

3 Jun

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Carlos Ruiz, who leads all NL catchers in multiple offensive categories, including batting average, OPS and RBIs (tied), is looking to make is first All-Star team this season. But, as of today’s balloting update, he currently sits in fourth place among NL catchers, trailing Yadier Molina (Cardinals), Buster Posey, (Giants) and Brian McCann (Braves).

Carlos Ruiz needs your help!

Here are the tallied votes so far…

  • Yadier Molina, Cardinals: 1,000,048
  • Buster Posey, Giants: 707,508
  • Brian McCann, Braves: 707,508
  • Carlos Ruiz, Phillies: 562,021

He’s currently the #2 hitter in the the National League in hitting at .371, but as we all know the All-Star game is popularity contest, and he’s got to contend with Brian McCann and Yadier Molina in the NL.

McCann has been ill with the flu lately, but is hitting . 323 with seven home runs and 28 RBI.

Molina is tough competition, too.  Ruiz has the highest batting average, highest slugging percentage, and highest OPS among NL catchers, but is tied with Molina in homers and RBI.

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