Halladay Bounces Back and Trade Buzz

25 Jul

The heat wasn’t a problem for Doc Halladay on Sunday as he dismantled the San Diego Padres on Sunday 5-3.  Halladay went eight strong innings, retiring the last 10 batters in order before handing the game to Antonio Bastardo for the save.

It wasn’t a total breeze for Halladay as he did surrender three runs early, but the Phillies early offense was enough to stave off the Friars.

Roy struck out eight, and probably the most impressive to me was of the eight hits he gave up, they were all singles.

I think it’s also worth pointing out that after sitting out yesterday, until his pinch hit home run, Ryan Howard has looked different at the plate.  He showed a little more patience early today, and took the ball to the left side of the field.  He did strike out twice, but he ran the count full in each at bat.  I know that’s not much to go on just yet, but you gotta start somewhere.

The Phillies have won their 64th game, and their 5th straight.  This is the 9th consecutive winning series for the Phillies who (after tomorrow) will face the other two top teams in the National League.

Cliff Lee pitches Monday as the Phillies try for the sweep that has eluded them for 9 straight series.

Trade Buzz - 

There isn’t too much buzz yet as I post this entry on Monday morning.  Maybe the most notable thing to happen in the last 24 hours (that has something to do with the Phillies) is that Carlos Beltran has quietly told the Mets that he would prefer to stay in the National League since he feels knows the league well.  It’s assumed that he would prefer to go to a contender, and it has been rumored that he would prefer not to go to the Pirates.

I still don’t think that Beltran is a fit in Philadelphia because of what the Mets want in return.  I think that B.J. Upton and Hunter Pence are probably more likely candidates to come to Philly.

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2 Responses to “Halladay Bounces Back and Trade Buzz”

  1. mlblogsbarbward July 25, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    I read that Halladay was battling some stomach issues/ virus before that game in Chicago which explains the reason why he couldn’t handle the heat. I knew there had to be an underlying reason for that. Good to see him back to his spectacular form yesterday. He just keeps on working and adjusting his pitching throughout the game which makes him who he is…. The Master! :)

  2. toosoxy July 25, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    I was bummed about Beltran… hoping the Sox would get him, despite rumors to the controversy.
    I take it you’re thinking the Phils might get him? If he’s looking for a national league contender, that would be where I would go… but I do hear he’s expensive…
    BJ Upton might be a good fit. He can be fun to watch and does not consistently annoy me in post-game interviews like some other Rays on the roster…

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