Never Count Them Out!

13 Aug

Thumbnail image for _aug121.jpgNo Howard, No Utley.  Down by 7 with two innings to go and they pulled it out. I’m sure there’s many disappointed fans that left their seats at the Bank, and headed for 1-95.  If you’re a fan of this team you should know that you should never give up on this team!  Stay in that seat and stick by the TV until the end.

Things just don’t seem to go right for Jonathan Broxton when he’s here at Citizens Bank Park.  Although he did close the game, that’s for sure.

The thing is, we’ve seen this before.  Game 4 of the NLCS last year Jimmy Rollins smashed a walk off single to right-center off Jonathan Broxton, and who can forget Matt Stairs’ colossal homer from the 2008 NLCS.  That thing is probably still floating up in the atmosphere somewhere.  Last night the 2010 Phillies decided to tag Broxton for 4 more runs and another walk off win. 

It was another improbable win last night at Citizens Bank Park.  Losing 9-2 in the bottom of the 8th the Phillies decided stage a little comeback.  Carlos Ruiz did provide the game winning hit, but all the guys in front of him did a great job getting on base.  Polanco got plunked, then Sweeney and Werth walked.  Ben Francisco followed them and smashed a ball right through the legs of Casey Blake scoring the first two. Then as you all know Chooch took care of the rest in walk off fashion.

Yeah, the starting pitching really wasn’t that great on Thursday night. Neither was the work from the bullpen, but I don’t really feel like talking about that today.  I’m trying not to ruin the buzz I’m still feeling from the win.

Thumbnail image for _aug122.jpgThere’s something about those red pinstripes that instills confidence in these guys.  They don’t ever think they’re going to lose and there isn’t really ever panic in the dugout.  I don’t want to say that I think this is a team of destiny, but if there was one, I think these guys would have to be it.  All I know is that when they come out of that clubhouse everyday they it set in their minds that they’re going to win. That’s a team I’m proud to follow.

Side Notes –

Shane – Victorino returned to the team last night at CBP. In his first appearance in his return Shane earned a walk and stole a base.  It’s a very good thing to see as the boys in red prepare to make a run at the post-season.

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2 Responses to “Never Count Them Out!”

  1. devilabrit August 13, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    Tonight was again almost a kick in the face for Cole, but he as any of them know its’ a team game and sometimes the team loses, he just seems to get them even when he is outstanding… long weekend and Citifield may yet become owned by Philadelphia…. last night was typical Phillies taking out the Dodgers… awesome at it’s best…


    Phillies Outside

  2. the_phanatic_addict August 14, 2010 at 1:21 am #

    Yeah, a true bummer for Cole. I just thought it was great that he was the one that got the hit. Nice that he was able to get that knock in so he didn’t get totally showed up. Thanks for visiting Peter.


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